Our guide to staying safe when buying Neocash

If you’re thinking about buying Neocash items, the safety of your Neopets account must have at least crossed your mind, right? That’s okay, because we’re here to give you some pointers and answer any questions that you may have about keeping your account safe!

The fact is, buying Neocash items is generally a very safe process. When compared to buying Neopoints, ETS items and especially pets, such as UCs, Neocash items are an extremely low risk commodity. In fact, through our time involved in the Neopets market we have NEVER heard of anybody being frozen for buying Neocash!

No matter how low the risks are, we think it’s always best to err on the side of caution, and we’d like you to follow some simple steps to purchasing Neocash items safely.

buy neocash safely

Make sure that your Neopets account can support your purchased items

What do we mean by this? Quite simply, make sure that your Neopets account looks ‘good enough’ to actually have the Neocash items that you want to buy.

The number one biggest risk to any Neopets account comes from other players. If you rock up onto the boards with a billion Neopoints to spend but your account is only 6 months old and has 3 avatars, it’s going to look a bit fishy. People WILL report you if they think you’ve been breaking the rules; and we all know TNT has a ‘freeze now, worry about it later’ mentality.

In short the same principal applies to buying Neocash items. It’s always best to make sure that your account looks like those fancy new items you’ve bought actually belong there. Make sure that each of your pets a nice looking custom, make your user lookup pretty and beef up your account’s stats so they match your new closet! Then you can show off your new items without them looking out of place.

Keep your purchasing history private

Because buying Neocash is technically against the Neopets, it’s very important that you don’t tell anyone about your purchases.

Maybe you speak to your closest Neofriends on social media and think they’d like to know about the cool site with all of the Neocash items? All we’re saying is think very hard before you tell even the most trustworthy friend as it could be a slippery slope to losing your account!

Some people think that buying Neocash populars gives you an unfair advantage, and may report you if you admit to it. Let’s face it, though…who really wants to be bumping a trading thread for weeks?

Only have items delivered to your own account

If you’re buying Neocash items for part of a trade or as a gift, it’s important that you only have the items delivered to your own account! It’s much safer for items to be delivered to your account so that you can then send them to their intended owner, rather than using their username as the delivery destination.

Although our Neocash items are safe and were either bought from the NC mall or traded for, some of our accounts aren’t active on the NCC and it may look odd to the recipient if their item arrives from a username that they’ve never heard of.

If you’ve already told somebody the item you’re buying is part of a three-way trade, and you’d like us to play along, please make sure you clearly note that information in the delivery box when checking out! That way we can ensure that the item comes from one of our active NCC trader accounts so it looks like a completely legitimate trade.

By following our simple tips you can rest assured that you’ll be purchasing Neocash in the safest way possible. Remember to enjoy your items, show them off and make your pets look amazing!