About Buy Neocash Items

Our aim is to offer an affordable and safe alternative to spending hours upon hours trying to trade for the Neocash items that you want.

Sometimes finding a particular item can be a real headache, especially if there aren’t any up for trade. Other times you may just have an idea for a cute customization that just can’t wait. That’s why we are here.

If there’s a Neocash item that seems to be taking you too long to find, perhaps if you don’t have any items that are valuable or popular enough to trade for it, but you just have to have it: Buy Neocash Items!

Who is behind Buy Neocash Items?

We are Neopets players, some of us from day one! We’ve grown up playing Neopets and although we are now (sadly) grown up with responsibilities, we still have plenty of passion for the game.

The team members at Buy Neocash Items have each been involved in the Neopets market for over a decade now, starting out by selling our spare Neopoints and items to friends for extra pocket money when we were in our teens. Over ten years later and we have delivered billions of Neopoints and thousands of items, helping customers all over the world obtain their Neo-dreams.

When it comes to delivering Neocash items safely and securely to our customers, we know exactly what we’re doing and we’re always more than happy to answer your questions!